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Recently, I have been involved in various initiatives under the umbrella of “smart learning”. This probably grew from the fact that lately, I have come to realize that while technology can help us in improving learning, a fundamental change is needed in the overall perception of educators and learners to see any real effect. Simply trying to create adaptive systems, intelligent systems, or any sort of mobile/ubiquitous environments is going to have only superficial impact, if we do not change the way we teach, and more importantly, the way we think of learning process (and assessment process).

For me, smart learning is not just another application of technology. We have already created (and continue to create) such applications in various forms, such as adaptive and personalized learning systems, intelligent tutoring systems, mobile learning systems, and more recently ubiquitous learning systems. Smart learning for me is an ecosystem of technology and pedagogy that involves active participation of teachers, parents and others into an individual’s learning process, provides continuous evidence of learning and gaining skills that are seamlessly transferred from one context to another, as individual learners move from one learning context to another. Smart learning integrates evidence of learning happening in various shape and form to showcase competencies, such as in formal classrooms and laboratories; informal spaces, such as social media and small chit-chat during a hangout; workplace trainings that take place on demand; and any non-formal settings.

I invite you to share your thoughts on smart learning…



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